BunKala creates an opportunity for an authentic clothing experience for people, allowing each one to shine and embrace their beauty.

BunKala aspires to introduce ancient treasures, handpicked designs and art magic on various cloths. We are delighted to introduce you to the finest embroidery to heartwarming experience for YOU! 

The two words “Bun means weaver and Kala means Art” is what makes our name, BunKala. BunKala allows art to come alive in the form of sarees, dupatta, dress pieces, etc. 
BunKala is an enterprise that supports products from India, with a focus on sourcing fairly from craftspersons, and supporting women wherever possible.
BunKala is envisioned to revive the Indian prints and celebrate the craftspeople of the country.
We are happy to introduce our finest collection of sarees, dupattas and dress pieces to embrace your beauty.